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Raw material:
Grain leather from Scandinavian cattle. All Elmo leather is dyed through and testad at Elmo's laboratory. A hide is selected at random from every batch of finished leather and checked in accordance with the following:

Technical specification: Properties:
Property Target value Method
Thickness1,0-1,3 mm
Lightfastness6 ISO 105-B02
Dry-rubbing2000/4 ISO 11640
Wet-rubbing80/4 ISO 11640
Sweat50/4 ISO 11640
Tear-strength20 N/mm DIN 53329
Finish adhesion2,0 N/cm ISO 11644

Flame resistance:
Furniture, certificate BS 5852 CRIB 5
Certificate California 117
Motor vehicles (CAT M3) , certificate DIR 95/28/EC
Furniture, certificate EN 1021-1
Furniture, certificate EN 1021-2
Ship/off-shore, certificate IMO A652(16)
Furniture, certificate ISO 8191:1
Furniture, certificate ISO 8191:2
Furniture, certificate ÖNORM B 3825
Furniture, certificate SS-ISO 3795
Heat of combustion, certificate EN ISO 1716
Smoke and Toxic Gas, certificate ASTM E 662 – SMP 800-C
Furniture, certificate UNI 9175
Ability of the leather to absorbe moisture (breathe).

Appearance of surface. 0-Smooth, 5-Structured.

Light resistance
The ability of the leather/colours to resist strong light.

Durability of surface against wear.

Colour assessment:
Daylight source D 65 closely corresponding to CIE standard light D 65.


No: 00120
NCS: s 1005-y
Munsell: 10 y 9,25/1,0
Pantone: no match



NCS:s 1005-y

Pantone:no match
Munsell:10 y 9,25/1,0

NCS:s 2040-y10r

Pantone:872 c
Munsell:2,5 y 7/6

NCS:s 3005-r80b

Pantone:877 c
Munsell:5 pb 7/2

NCS:s 5020-y30r

Pantone:8005 c
Munsell:10 yr 5/4

NCS:s 3030-y40r

Pantone:876 c
Munsell:5 yr 6/6

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