ELMOCOOL is, both in the tanning- and in the finishing-process, fully based on the amazing new innovation; the TFL Cool System® Cool Technology.
The patented technology comprises COOL dyes (SELLA® COOL dyes) to colour the leather and cool NIR (near infrared) transparent pigments (RODA® COOL pigments), which are applied in the finish coat. The cool pigments do not absorb near infrared waves but let them pass through allowing the leather’s natural collagen fiber network to reflect the NIR rays.
Without absorption, there is no heat buildup. In this way, dark leathers remain considerably cooler when exposed to direct sunlight. Only the right combination of dyes and pigments provide the optimum performance in keeping the leather cool. The temperature difference can be up to 20°c between COOL and non-cool black leathers.

The COOL technology has already been used and appreciated in car seats in convertibles, steering wheels, motorcycle garment and traditional shoes.
Elmocool is the first furniture and transport leather in the market, offering this comfort.

Raw material:
Grain leather from Scandinavian cattle. All Elmo leather is dyed through and testad at Elmo's laboratory. A hide is selected at random from every batch of finished leather and checked in accordance with the following:

Technical specification: Properties:
Property Target value Method
Thickness1,0-1,3 mm
Lightfastness6 ISO 105-B02
Dry-rubbing2000/4 ISO 11640
Wet-rubbing80/4 ISO 11640
Sweat50/4 ISO 11640
Tear-strength20 N/mm DIN 53329
Finish adhesion2,0 N/cm ISO 11644

Flame resistance:
Furniture, certificate BS 5852 CRIB 5
Certificate California 117
Motor vehicles (CAT M3) , certificate DIR 95/28/EC
Furniture, certificate EN 1021-1
Furniture, certificate EN 1021-2
Ship/off-shore, certificate IMO A652(16)
Furniture, certificate ISO 8191:1
Furniture, certificate ISO 8191:2
Furniture, certificate DIN 53438
Furniture, certificate ÖNORM B 3825
Furniture, certificate SS-ISO 3795
Heat of combustion, certificate EN ISO 1716
Smoke and Toxic Gas, certificate ASTM E 662 – SMP 800-C
Furniture, certificate UNI 9175
Ability of the leather to absorbe moisture (breathe).
Appearance of surface. 0-Smooth, 5-Structured.
Light resistance
The ability of the leather/colours to resist strong light.
Durability of surface against wear.

Colour assessment:
Daylight source D 65 closely corresponding to CIE standard light D 65.